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Date: October 20th 1974
Susan, Tonia, and Cameron Doerksen - (wife & children)
Kenn Doerksen

Sunday 20 Oct. 74

Dearest Susan, Tonia and Cameron,

Actually, it’s not Sunday, it’s Monday morning...I was just too tired last night to continue beyond the date, so I woke up early to complete it. I’ve been trying to write for 3 days now and haven’t found a spare moment.

On Friday, I was invited to lunch with some Red Cross friends and with Kathy Clerides (again) and a Mrs. Weichmann whose husband is Dr. Waldheim’s special UN representative in Cypress (She is a delightful person to talk with...has been to Canada, lives in Mexico, goes all over the island here helping refugees.). Then we went to the Ledra Palace and all watched the prisoner exchange which resumed after 2 weeks of delay. It’s rather moving, with hundreds of people waiting to see if their relative is among those released.

In the evening, much of the same group, including another Greek girl and her brother who is an officer cadet in the National Guard had a farewell dinner for a German couple from the Red Cross who were going back to Switzerland. After dinner (and after curfew, too) we went to a Greek tavern and listened to a Greek combo singing folksongs. Unfortunately, we were joined (not at our wishes) by a group of SAMPSON’S (the gangster-type publisher who was president for 2 weeks) henchmen including a weasley editor of his main paper. At least they paid for the several rounds of OUZO we drank. It was a very enjoyable evening all round, as we got into several international political discussions. I got home at 3 a.m.

I worked all Saturday morning and then went with 2 Greek friends from the electrical authority (engineers) to Larnaca where we spent all night (with a cousin as well) on a 16’ fishing dorey on the Mediterranean, laying lines and watching the stars. I will write Tonia and tell her more about it.

By the time we got back at noon, I’d had 6 hours sleep in 2 nights...I was Duty Officer yesterday afternoon, and in the evening we had a welcoming barbeque for the R.C.R. recce party. When I hit the pillow last night, I was asleep. Oh well.

Ordered my suit last week...I’ll wait for you to see it, rather than describe it. Should be finished in 2½ weeks.

Have to give a briefing this morning, and do about 1000 other things. Maybe one of these days, I’ll take a whole day off. It’s getting funny, now, at least time here is passing quickly. I feel quite healthy too, so I can’t complain too much. But I miss you all so very much.

With all my love,

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