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Date: October 18th 1974
Mom, Dad, and Sister - (Maudie, Clarence (Dirk), and Joan Doerksen)
Kenn Doerksen

Dear Mom, Dad and Joan,

Thank you for your letters of the past few weeks...good to hear that you are all well (even if overworked) and that Joan has become a “co-ed”. I just finished watching “American Graffiti” and it made me realize how long ago it was when I departed for McGill. A lot has happened since.

Have run into a few old friends of yours, dad. One Derek Mayville who was on the other end of the phone when I was Duty officer one day...when I answered, the first thing he said was “Is your father named John?” I didn’t ask him where he was working and I have yet to meet anyone who knows where he is...very strange. Who is he? Also, a corporal in supply spotted my nametag; chap named Max Barrs who was with you in Hannover and who sends his kindest regards. Finally, Warrant Officer Wally Turlock but I can’t remember when I ran into him.

Cyprus is quiet, these days, with Greeks and Turks alike digging trenches along the entire length of the island. My job is by far the busiest in the UN and rated by Col. Lessard as the most significant one right now. All I know is I haven’t had one full day off since I got here. Have been surrounded by Turk Army twice in 10 days, trying to assist Greek Cypriots recover lost property in no-mans land. I am the only one of the Canadians who regularly gets behind Turk lines and I sometimes think I’m more Intelligence officer than anything. I get grilled by our Int. people after every mission. I keep my staff of between 7 and 15 (depends on the day) and up to 7 vehicles pretty busy. It’s terrific experience, especially for a pilot.

I still get to meet many people, and have probably eaten as many meals out with non-military friends as I have in the Ledra Palace. Today I was treated to lunch by a Greek Cyp. girl whose husband was released from Kyrenia last week through my efforts, in part. He had been a prisoner for over 2 months. Yesterday, a Turk Cyp businessman took me to lunch for the second time. He’s a Rotarian, by the way. Lots of good political discussions.

Sue is down east, as I write. She seems fine but, like me, would like to have me home. The latest I will get home is 15 Dec. We’ll probably stay in Edmonton for Christmas and come to Kelowna in Early January. I gather Cameron is changing quite a lot.

I’m well, what with lovely weather and lots of sports. Have almost given up drinking, too. Despite the excellent Cypress food, though I still don’t put on any weight. My best wishes to you all…say hi to Greg and Bruce.



[Editor’s note: Letter dated from envelope postmark.]


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