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Date: November 26th 1974
Susan, Tonia, and Cameron Doerksen - (wife & children)
Kenn Doerksen

Wed. 26 Nov 74

Dearest Susan, Tonia and Cameron,

Your latest letter seemed like nothing but a series of complaints...even after you had just received 2 from mine (guess mine are a bit useless) and had spent an evening out with Dave H. And yet I’ll be back in less than 3 weeks now. Cheer up, sweetheart, life’s still what you make it, and you should be [busier?] than ever these days.

I have spent the better part of 3 straight days in bed...asleep. I must have put a kink in the small of my back moving my trunk down the hall on Sunday. Not realizing it was anything abnormal, I hopped into a truck and drove an hour to Dehkelia where I played soccer (now more in pain) and then drove home in the truck. By then every little bump just about caused me to scream. Next day I drove to the M.I.R. and the doctor said I had a good muscles spasm and would either go straight to bed for two days or he would put me in hospital. I’ve been living on Valium and 292’s (together) and I feel like a drunk just going to meals and back.

This morning, feeling a bit better, I drove into the Turk-held area to a former Greek town which is now occupied by Turkish Cypriot “immigrants”. I got a tour by the Turkish Tank Battalion Commander (full Colonel) and the local police chief, designed to avoid all military locations. They are merely trying to prove that the UN has freedom of movement in the North...a real farce.

I went back to bed when I get back is slowly improving but is far from great. Meanwhile my IN basket piles high. Funny how everyone suddenly notices how important my work is, when I neglect it for 3 days.

We attended a cocktail party given by the French ambassador on Saturday...what a drag, but at least I got to practice my French a bit.

Oh yes, you won’t be getting a cheque in the middle of December, as I will be bring back my entire Dec. a fair amount which I’ve saved. Still have enough to buy a few gifts. How about a desk calendar for day, a a pocket appointments book. I will get a chinese puzzle ring for Bruce which we can air mail to him. They are neat. And also I’ll get something for Greg. Why don’t you go out and buy a sexy outfit for when I get home.

Miss you and love you all

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