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Date: November 30th 1974
Susan, Tonia, and Cameron Doerksen - (wife & children)
Kenn Doerksen

Saturday, 30 Nov 74

Dearest Susan, Tonia and Cameron,

Two weeks today until I leave. All things being equal, this will be my last letter, as any I write this week will not likely beat me home. It’s almost too hard to believe that our forced separation is nearly over. I got out all the pictures you have sent me and it makes me realize how much I do miss you all. I know I’ve been living from one day to the next and by keeping busy, it’s gone by quickly yet it now seems so long ago that we said goodbye. I pray that I’ll never have to leave you again for so long (or at all, for that matter, though that would be unrealistic).

I finally stopped taking those drugs on Thursday...I was a zombie for 3 days. Even the waiters at the mess wondered why I seemed so strange. The spasm has gone and as long as I don’t strain, my back is quite good. I’ve been asked to play in 3 separate soccer games this weekend (3 different teams) and have declined them all. I’ll coach tomorrow, though.

In any case, by Thursday I had so many jobs to do, it was pathetic. I think every Greek and Turk on the island had phoned me in 3 days, so I’ve been going steadily since. The RCR are starting to take over (except my job) and I’m finding it hard to adjust to new ways and ideas. It’s good that I’m going.

I bought some more lace, a tapestry and three lovely sheep-skins today. One will be for Joan, if you haven’t already found a gift for her. As I said before, I have ideas for Guy and Bruce and will bring them back with me. We can send them by bus. I very nearly ordered a suede coat with lambs‑wool lining – tailor made. A friend of mine from the Red Cross had just gotten one and it was beautiful (about $90). But they were out of the only colors I really liked, so (probably fortunately) I didn’t get it. I’ve saved a few dollars, which we may need this winter.

The weather is now cool and rainy, although the island is turning quite green. Without central heating, it can be quite uncomfortable at times.

What’s wrong with those stupid Edmonton Eskimos? Don’t they want to win a Gray Cup?

I received a letter from Joan yesterday...she sounds quite happy, even a bit more grown-up, but still very attached to Guy. I’m afraid that still upsets me, and I’m also afraid I would become quite violent if anything happens between them that hurts her. I know Bruce feels the same. I think I may have to have a long talk with Guy when we go to Kelowna. I will try to drop Joan a line this week.

In any case, I’ll end what I hope will be my last letter to you for a long time to come. You can’t hold a piece of paper or a picture in your arms and feelings so often get poorly conveyed through words. Please don’t plan anything special for when I get home, I just want to be with you all as before. Just make sure there is some popcorn in the house and clean sheets on the bed...and an Anne Murray record or two. I love you all.


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