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Date: December 7th 1974
Susan Doerksen - (wife)
Kenn Doerksen

07 DEC 74

Dearest Susan,

Thought I’d just drop a note to send off with someone (Bob C.?) on the next aircraft. Faces change so quickly these days that time seems to pass quickly as well. Can’t say that being last out is great for the morale but I’m busy now taking Ken Smith’s replacement around.

My replacement does not come until the last flight, contrary to our strong recommendations. They are now in the process of finding out that they should have – the new duty officer’s refer to themselves as my “secretary” because while I’m out (most of the day) they are bombarded with calls. And the new Sgt. is completely flabbergasted by the number of people he has already met...and we’ve only begun. I took him on a tour of some of our villages today to show him a few of the problem areas. He is still shaking his head at the extent of the work.

One more week...assuming Makarios’ return doesn’t create big problems. It’s not likely to. I have several farewell dinners to attend and a full day in the country tomorrow with a group of Greek friends, followed by dinner. You know, it will seem a bit strange to leave this life and return to my own, a bit like waking up from a dream. Of course, I can’t wait to wake up, to get back to you. But it will still seem strange.

Had a bad cold earlier this week and was in bed all day Wednesday. Am still a bit sniffly and have a slight cough, but I’m much better now. Without central heating, almost everyone gets colds all winter.

Be good...your latest letter sounded cheerful. Were almost back together, sweetheart. I love you dearly.


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