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Date: November 21st 1943
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Nov 21/43.

Dearest Audrey:

Hello darling, here I am again and still waiting to receive a letter from over your way, but I suppose it will be a little while yet worst luck. Sure do miss your letters though honey and once they start coming I hope they come real steady, just like it was when I was at Courtenay, hope it isn’t asking for too much. I’m not taking a gunners course like I said I might, instead I am now taking a signal course and does it ever call for some studying, wowie; sick bay had better have a few aspirin tablets on hand. Don Shaw is taking it with me. My bunk is right by his so we sit on the ends of them and send signals with our flash lights. It is lots of fun and it helps quite a bit in reading it fast. After this ten week courseis over we might take another two week course and try and get our hooks, here is hoping we get them, but time will tell.

Five or six of us went into town on Sat. night for the first time and went to a dance, it would have been alright if we could have danced their style or vice versa. We didn’t drink very much ale cause we had to get the last bus back to camp and that was at ten-thirty. I couldn’t taste the stuff anyways as I lost my taster and am just getting it back now. There isn’t anything to do if I do go to town so I usually stay in camp as we have a different show on every second night and there is the odd dance, so it is just as well to stay in.

How is everyone in Nanaimo that I know, (namely you), Lorna, Bernie, Ray and the gang on the Island. Has Maggie had the baby yet? Let me know when she does. How is your mom and dad? I couldn’t understand some of the words your dad said sometimes, but I’ll bet I could now. Well darling this is all for now so will close hoping to get a letter real soon. Jim Penman says hello, also Don. Bye for now honey and I love you with all my heart.

Love and a million kisses

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