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Date: December 26th 1943
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Dec. 26/43.

My Dearest Audrey;-

Hiya honey, what’s cooking? If you say turkey I’ll mow you down. Well here it is the 26th and is it ever dull around here. Xmas day was just the same as any other day, practically. We had a fair splash for dinner, but it wasn’t anything compared to being at home. I’ll bet everyone had a good time over there, gosh I sure wish I was home right now. I had a fair time, it wasn’t much but it will just have to do for now. I went over to the canteen yesterday for my pint for the day, well, I just got to thinking about things at home, what every one was, or would be doing at the time, well that old lonely feeling came over me and did I ever feel low. I just felt like drowning my sorrows in a keg of ale but, they closed the beer bar up just in time for me to be to late to do so. I went to the dance at night but it was to crowded so I went back to our mess before it even ended; Don got pretty drunk, but the darn stuff didn’t even appeal to me so, I stayed dead sober.

I received your first letter and also your telegram on the 24th. Thanks a million darling, that was the best present a guy could ask for, it was really swell. I sure am a lucky guy, to have you: I think you are wonderful darling and I sure am in love with you and always will be. I also got a letter from Pat. She wrote three days after you but I got them both at the same time. She said she was going to write to you right away. I an going to give her a bawling out for not using all of that air letter; she just wrote on one side of it when both sides can be used. (Must be the Scotch coming out in me.) She also writes too large and fancy. Boy is she going to get a blast. Ha Ha. Only kidding hon. So you are an auntie now, congrats honey, give “Muggie” and Lew the same, after all it was them. they sure gave it a swell name too, even the middle one. So you get a lot of overtime with it, well a little work never hurt anyone, personally, I wouldn’t know: When ever changes were to be made I passed it on to one of my sisters; that is the one thing I like in being an uncle; so here is to Brenda, may she keep you good and busy. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Nanaimo must be quite a town now if they have the roller rink out of bounds. Bob Evans sure got a lucky break in going to San Diego for a month. Have you heard if any of the others have left yet? Haven’t seen or heard of them over here, but they are better of at home. It is pretty cold over here and I sill have my cold. I’ve had it ever since I got here and I suppose I’ll have till I leave, which won’t be none to soon. I saw the doc again yesterday morning and he said my tonsils come out the next time I have any trouble; boy is he ever going to get surprised. Well darling I have to finish this so I can write to Pat and take them into town and get them off today. Don and I were going into Glasgow today but he is a bit under the weather just now. He’ll learn??? Say hello to all the gang for me hon. Give my best regards to your mom and dad Lew and “Muggie,” Lorna and Bernie. Write soon and often and make them big, just like the first one. “Cheerio” for now darling and may I say again that I love you and always will

All my Love and Kisses
xx Bill xxxx

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Original Scans