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Date: March 18th 1918
Richard May

Hun Airplane Bombs Pte. Dick May

Pte. RICHARD MAY wrote from France on Feb. 1st to his sister as follow:

Just a few lines, hoping to find you all well as it leaves myself the same. Only a little wound in the right hand but it is not very bad, only enough to stop me writing but it is coming along fine and it cannot get better too soon, for I would rather be back in the Battalion with the boys so that I can get my mail, and besides this place is lonely for me, and I have to make up with new friends and I would rather be with the boys whom I have known for a long time. But, cheer up, we have to make the best of things for there is war on, and I know it. The night when two other fellows and myself were coming from the trenches, a German airplane passed over and dropped six bombs and my two friends were carried away on stretchers, and I got a little piece in my finger, but I did not take any notice of it until the next morning, for I was too dirty and sleepy. But the next morning my finger was twice as big as it ought to be. So I reported sick and got inoculated, and fixed up and sent off to the hospital and I have been here for about five days and that is enough for me. I am going to see if I cannot go back with the boys so I can get my mail regular. So send my mail to the 87th Battalion for I will be there by the time you get this. Do not worry if you get a telegram that I am wounded after this, until you hear from me, and if I am too bad to write, I have a lot of friends out here who will write for me.

Well, I guess I will have to bring this scribbling to a close, so give my love to all,
From your loving brother,