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Date: November 13th 1914
M. McCullough

Salisbury Plain, (England)
Nov. 2nd, 1914

Just a line to let you know how the Cobourg boys are progressing in the Old Country. We were very pleased when we disembarked at Devonport, as we had been on the S.S. Cassandra for three weeks and it had become irksome. We got a splendid reception from the people of Devonport, especially the fair sex.

We are sleeping in tents at present but expect to have huts before long as it is rather damp at night. That reminds me that 'Jim' Beatty made an awful mistake when he told the Cobourg people in one of his letters that we did not need sweater coats, that we had too much clothes on hand.

The people of the three cities gave us a glorious reception. 'Nothing was too good for the Canadians. 'People almost killed us with kindness and we received some great puffs in the papers.

This is a wonderful old country. It appeals to my affections wonderfully. The scenery, I have to admit, surpasses ours in beauty and antiqueness and is only exceeded by ours in its vastness.
We are encamped on Salisbury Plains; our hospitals, for which I am paymaster, being located on the part called West Down North. Then there are camps at West Down South; West Down West, West Down East, Pond Farm V. Bustard. (The boys next tent are singing a parody on 'Looking This Way' to words of their own composing, the chorus of which is 'Waiting For Pay.' Sounds great).

Saw our old friend James Beatty to-day, who is looking fine and makes a good soldier, having turned over an entirely 'new leaf.'

Also saw Bolster, T. Hall-Abell, Wm. Doxsee, Hodge, Major Beattie, and some Peterborough friends who are camping at Bustard, about three miles east of us, All are looking 'in the pink of condition,' and ready for the fray. Received the St. Lawrence apples O.K. but someone else got the benefit of most of them. Good apples are scarce here.
Will be pleased to have a line from you often. Remember me to The World and all other friends and the kindest regards.

Capt. H. McCullough.