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Date: July 23rd 1915
Norman McIntosh


Gunner McIntosh Writes
In a letter dated June 30th, Gunner McIntosh writes to his mother, Mrs. Alex. McIntosh as follows:

I received your welcome letter and parcel and was glad to get the things, although at present we have plenty of tobacco, but 'Old Chum' takes the best of them all here.

Well mother, we Canadians are all getting passes from here to England or any place in the British Isles in July, and then we have to come back here again, so it looks as if I will be here another year or two. I thought we were going to be sent home, but I have given up all hope of that now. I wrote a letter to Frank Lapp and told him all that was going on here, but the next day the Captain told me he had crossed a lot of my letter out, some parts I should not have told to anybody, so I guess Frank would have a hard time making it all out. Frank Love is at the horse lines with us all the time now, also Roy Crosgrey. Joe Mulhall is still in the hospital somewhere in France. Things are much quieter here now, and you bet we can stand it. I do not know just where I will go on pass this time. We get eight days leave but a rest will do us good. I had a little black dog here but I lost him, but now we are not allowed to a have a dog on account of rabies breaking out.
Tell Harold I was talking to Jack Wray. He is fine. His company suffered terribly. I see Dick Turpin now and again, and I do not think that he has lost any weight. We are holding a quiet part of the line just now, but it will be swift before long as they are doing some rifle fire right now.

The corporal that was in my sub-section has died of wounds. He was from Peterborough also.

Well mother. I have not much news this time. I am glad to know that you are all well. It is now half-past nine at night, so I will close with love to all.