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Date: June 18th 1915
Norman McIntosh

Norman McIntosh writes- Several Cobourg Boys in the Hospital

Mr. Alex McIntosh received the following letter from his son, Norman:

Dear Father:
Just a few lines hoping that you are well, as this letter leaves me in the very best of health. A lot of our boys are sick and some are now in the hospital. Frank Love, Ted MacNachtan, Joe Mulhall are all in the hospital, either somewhere in France or England, but I don't know which. I am sorry they are gone as there are not many Cobourg boys here with me now. I don't know whether they will be back or not. Another Peterborough boy died from wounds recently - I can't mention his name but several Cobourg boys know him. He used to work on the Bell Telephone line.

I am sending you a little keepsake. It is a French mole skin. We caught it and I skinned it and the harness maker put a button on it. I thought it would make a little purse for you. I am sending it to you with a few pieces of French and Belgian money in it. The coins are: (1) a French half cent; (2) a German piece with a crown and eagle on it; (3) An English farthing; (4) A Belgian piece, with a hole in the centre; a French piece worth five cents in our money. (These souvenirs may be seen on Friday and Saturday in The World's bulletin Board.)

I met Jack Wray the other night. His regiment was back for a rest, and we were just starting into action again. He is looking well. There is a report over here that the first contingent are being replaced by the second, and that we are going to be sent home. But I rather doubt this. I heard to-day there are only seven thousand left out of the lot of Canadians who came over here. The rest are dead, wounded or sick. They are now mixing the Canadians with the English troops, but it is not a good plan. The English say we are too reckless.

I would like to write a lot more but as you can see by the envelope that we are not allowed to tell a single thing concerning the war. Will write again soon.
With love to all.