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Date: 7th

Personnel Records of D 48th Battery, C.F.A.
Last Names Beginning with “G”:

Gardner, John Hartley; 339182

Gardner, William; 9446

Geddes, John; 331745

Gifford, William; 41509

Gilchrist, Thomas Ernest; 344896

Gillespie, Peter; 41310

Gilmore, Harry; 348782

Goldstein, Edgar Hyman; 336901

Graef, Arthur Herman; 324019

Graham, Arthur; 41276

Grant, George Edward; 41078

Graves, Storer Osborne; 476608

Grayer, Frank Edward; 89891

Greenaway, Lawrence Jenning; 307764

Greenwell, Robert; 433210

Greig, Donald Graham; 41023

Original Scans

Original Scans