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Date: July 17th 1918
Miriam Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis


My Dear Mir.,

Not very much this eve. as I am beastly hot and in bed. I have just written Nert, and have yet to write Floss. I am going to have my nose fixed up again, and as usual want it under general. It was pretty badly inflammed and they put me to bed for three days to get it reduced. I will get fixed up in the morning if all is well. Will drop you a line in a couple of days and let you know how I am.

We have had, and in fact are still having a spell of hot wet weather, but thank goodness, it gets cool at night.

Paul Andrews, whom I have often mentioned in my letters, leaves tomorrow, or, the, day following for London, Canada. I will sure be somewhat lonely without him, but if the Allies get busy enough in Russia, we may all get hoe next year. I surely hope I will be there for graduation anyway.

You speak of nurses being needed over here, but the ruling at present is, I believe, that a nurse may go back on transport duty, but when her furlough is up, she must report for home duty instead of returning overseas. I guess they have plenty for over here. In  fact there has been some talk of them being withdrawn altogether, since the Etaples affair. Then look how many were lost on that hospital ship. You are better there, and needed too.

The box hasn’t arrived yet, but your letter made such good time, that it will not likely arrive for a day or two yet.

Too deuced bad about Gene, much better tho, that he should die now, then that she should marry him. I think Kim took an awful chance.

I guess the Calgary visit at home, went off pretty well. I don’t know what to think, about Dad going out there, but of course he knows best. It might end in them going out there to stay. Wonder if they will see Helen? Ha! Ha!

I think everybody is pretty well fixed for boxes. Love to the girls.

Your loving brother,

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