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Date: July 17th 1918
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis

No. 86.

My Dear Nerta.

This will be more of a note, than a letter as it is hot as blue blazes and I am in bed. My nose got so blooming bad, that I could hardly work, so they put me to bed for a couple of days rest to get the inflammation down, before the fixed it up. I expect they will get me in the morning and if so, I will drop you a line day after. Another mail in to-day and one each from Mother and you, for which I was not sorry

I know just how you would feel about leaving. [?], glad, to get away but you hate to leave the bunch.

I don’t know what to think about Dad going West. Of course he knows best.

That is some picture of Carmen and you. The others would be good if in focus. 

I guess you had quite a time while the Calgary people were there. Wish I had been home. Glad you got up to Pringles before you left. you were not up at Bew’s very often tho. and apparently L. Georgie did not appear on the scene again. She was always going to make a second call. Glad you saw her tho. She may be your sister-in-law yet. What!

Glad the boxes arrived O.K. They are rather good as souvenirs. Useful ones are very hard to get tho.

You, are not very observant, as there was a slip of paper in the center of that brass bar, telling what it is – a piece off a Belge plane, which fell near the hospital. I heard another one came down in flames last night, but of course did not get out to see it.

We are having a series of hot rainy days now, but the nights are cool enough. Had a real Canadian rain and thunder storm very early yesterday morning. Some storm.

Is Marg. T. any stouter? I imagine she would be. What has become of Jennie? I never hear anything of her any more, apparently she hasn’t a deuce of a lot of use for the rest of the family. Suppose Francis will soon be above the rest of them too.

I have seen that girl and canary act, probably the same one, they are pretty good.

Well, I will get cooled off and write Mir. Love to all.

Your loving Brother,

Corp. Paul M. Andrus, with whom I have chummed since Seaford, was just in to tell me he leaves to-morrow or the day following, for London. He will no doubt drop in to see you and will cash in London a cheque for $2000

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