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Date: July 21st 1918
Miriam Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis


My Dear Mir.

This will be little more than a note as I am still enjoying life flat on my back, or nearly so. To-day is the first day for a few, tho, that I have enjoyed it. My nose feels fine and has not been really sore at any stage of the game, altho the packing worried the life out of me, while it was in.

Capt. Henderson took out part or all of the cartilage and a small piece of the septum and by the progress and feel of it, it is one good job. He is a dandy tho. If nothing happens, I will be back on duty by Wednesday at the latest – here’s hoping.

Hope they are keeping you busy enough these days. Love to the girls.

Your loving brother,

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Original Scans