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Date: July 24th 1918
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

No 87. 

24/7/16. [error in original - should be 1918]

Dear Dad,

Still more mail in, and I have three of your letters to answer. I also have a letter from Mir & two from mother, as well, as two parcels, I have not opened the letter yet, being in bed still. I will be up to-morrow, and back on part duty to-morrow, or the next day, I expect as I am feeling fine. My nose certainly feels different and Capt. Henderson is well pleased with the result so I expect considerable relief.

We had a rather warm two hours on Sunday night, but we came thro without mishap. a

You did pretty well to get away with the prize at Tillson’s. Imagine you don’t get as much practice as you used to.

I did not know that Burnes was married, but I suppose that is the reason he has not been called up. I hope he is not too, as it would likely be difficult for you to land anyone else, certainly as good a workman.

I don’t think a great deal of that Tavannes movement. You call it Cyma, Tavannes, but I always thought the Cyma was P.M.S watch while Cyma is one of Schwab’s. They are much the same grade tho. I don’t know what they are using for hairsprings now, but they were using a non-magnetic material which was extremely soft & caused a good deal of trouble, altho, later I saw the Tavannes with steel spring & cut expansion balance of the usual kind. It looked like a pretty decent little movement & may be the one you have. Good movements continue to be scarce here, the Omega being the only decent one that can be procured & there are not many of them, either. I have seen some beautiful little movements (nameless) in use over here, usually about 00 size, but there seem to be none of them on sale now.

You surely had a good month in June, Hope July is equally good.

It surely good that things have panned out so well for the Calgary people, they will be able to take it a little easier now.

That match safe I spoke of was returned to me, instead of being sent on, and I am holding it to send with some other things I am sending. The Gillett razor has not arrived yet, unless it is in one of the boxes which I have not opened. I will likely get into them to-morrow.

The new tax sounds quite reasonable, but I don’t think the tax on matches quite fair.

We have quite a little farm here, now, pigs, rabbits and some garden.

Love to all,
Your affectionate son,

[postscript; not Worth's handwriting:]

Hello Honey:-
Am just going on duty. Heaps of love –

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