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Date: June 17th 1916
Ellen Burnett - (wife)
Francis Burnett

June 17/16

Dear Nell

I suppose you have been down town every day, looking for an answer to your two letters, but I kept putting it off, I’m trying to get transfered to another Company but I cant do it, so you will have to address it just the same, I told you in my last letter that it was a fine country, but I tell you it is awful hot, but I go in for a swim every day so it helps quite a bit. The 131st advance guard are coming now so I will go and see if Josh is with them, they are going to be right next to us. You had better let me know what he said before I say anything to him you understand I dont like to be to hasty. Say kiddo could you mail me three pairs of socks you know the kind there three for a dollar because I have holes in these already and they aint very good at the best. Im glad you got the government money I think you will get $20 next month and that will be better. I think the next time Cora and Ralph come down you had better give it to them straight that they are imposing on you, and maybe they wont come back. As I was telling you before I have not passed the Doctor yet, but I was vaccinated the other day, well news is not very plentiful up in this wilderness but hope I will see you before long, everything is dear even house rent its worse than Regina for that so I think Ill come down when I can get away goodbye for now remember me to the folks for Hughina

Love to you both

Write soon.

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