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Date: July 8th 1916
Ellen Burnett - (wife)
Francis Burnett

July 8th/1916

Dear Kid

I have about twenty five minuts to write this letter to you before breakfast that is if I want it to catch the early morning mail. Got your letter last night also the laces thanks for them. say dont worry over the money I just thought it might catch you before you got the government money so that’s why I asked and I want to go to Okanagan landing on the twelfth because I hate staying around the camp all the time and I cant get away before the middle of August at least I dont think so there are so many applying for leave that it makes it hard on the likes of me who has only been in a few months to get any so have to wait my turn. You said to ask you for anything I want so I’ll take you at your word, try and send me a pair of those running shoes you know the kind they are only eighty cents at [Atflys?] and they are one dollar and a half up here so that is quite a difference, get me number nine’s just like that old pair up at the house and a tube of tooth paste you can send them by parcel post allright. It dont say an awful lot for Moody when Candy Jack has got to go out to work again what has happened the ship yard did it fall down like everything else around their, How is the water works getting along, and is Jack Westwood boss yet he was allways waiting for a good job on them remember me to him and tell him that they have done away with the eye sight test so that need not stop him joining their is a lot around Moody that can join now because they furnish you with two pair of glasses. As regards the rent next time just go to the bank and tell McAllister that McKay told you to pay Boltons rent here now and get a receipt from him for yourself and that will clear you it is just the same as paying it to anybody else dont let that worry you. You say in your letter that you were afraid their was something the matter with you, you should not be afraid you should be proud, I did think thing their was anything like that but when I come home their might be for it certainly will be a first night over again and of course accidents may happen and then you certainly will have something of mine I’m looking forward to that night anyhow. I saw the barber [Isenar?] last night he joined the C.A.M.C. and is going overseas pretty soon you know him me got married in moody and they had one kid. well knews is not to plentiful and Im in a hurry write more next time remember me to all good bye and good luck to you both Kiss little sweetheart for me I remain

Your loving husband
L./Cpl. yet

write soon
To sweetheart and you
from Daddy Boy

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Original Scans