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Date: July 31st 1916
Ellen Burnett - (wife)
Francis Burnett

July - 31st/16

Dear Nell

Got home saturday allright at 2 PM went on parades and had my photo taken that is the whole Battalion did, then went and got examined by doctor and was inoculated again so had a pretty busy day dont you think. We have no word of course as yet so dont get excited about that. Tell Bert I lost that address he gave me at least I cant find it. Did you see me going through, I think you had sweetheart in your arms, and I was standing on the steps of about the sixth coach, at least I thought it was you standing near the Strand crossing. I’m going to buy one of the pictures when they are finished and send you one they cost one dollar a piece will try and send it tomorrow, if we move before you answer this Ill let you know, as soon as possible. Well I dont feel like writing yet my hand aint very steady after that week which Ill always remember, it certainly was a good week the only thing I regret was that I didnt keep sober, but you’ll have to forget that; be careful what you write after this you know what I told you, well remember me to everybody and be good yourself. And be sure and don’t cry because it wont help matters any. and of course we might get back before we go yet. kiss little sweetheart for me, and try and be happy your loving husband

same address

P.S. I here that our order is cancelled about going away. F.

Little sweetheart
From Daddy

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Original Scans