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Date: August 26th 1916
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Reply to B Company 121st Bat. W. F. Rgt.
Stationed at Bramshott

My Dear Wife and daughter

Landed safe here, after a nice trip. We left Vernon the same day as I wrote and arrived here on 24th some trip? it certainly is a fine country I think you and I will have to come here after the war everything is different from canada no wooden buildings at all every house seems about the same height and all brick, no fences all hedges and they certainly look pretty. The crops are good here and they were good through the prairrie country. I did not see anybody I know along the route because we did not stop long enough to bother with, even in Montreal so if you ever get track of the old man, you can let him know where I am. You’ll have to excuse me for not writing before because, it would have been no use. I could not very well give you any address. I saw Capt Kane and thats all the boys left here that I know, might meet more after awhile. Their is lots of girls or flappers in this country, so it seemed traveling through anyhow, so dont get jealous. I want you to tell Bert to send me that address and I’ll try and go their. I am going to [?] anyhow and see if I can get track of any of my relatives and see what they look like. Well Nell news aint very plentiful around you’ll have to wait untill I get acquainted around here, be good and be cheerful and this is my address

L/Cpl Burnett A.F.
121st Battl C. [E?]. F.
B. Co 761242
Army Port Office

P.S. Now thats the way to address my letters not Bramshott Camp. Kiss little sweetheart for me

Your loving husband

Write soon and knit socks. F.


[Editor’s note: The letter has been dated based on written content and Burnett’s service file information.]

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Original Scans