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Date: September 22nd 1916
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Bramshott Camp
Sept 22nd 1916

My Dear wife and sweetheart

I am writing again, because it is such a long time since I heard from you although I know it aint your fault, we are so far apart it takes a long time for a letter to go between us. Well I suppose you have received my first one by this time, I was going to write on Sunday but their is a fellow from Port Moody at Longworth Camp asking for me and Im going over Sunday to find out who he is and Ill let you know. And we are getting drilled so darn hard now that I dont feel like going any where at night, sometimes we drill at night to, thats going some, I read a letter from Duffy to Capt Kane and he told about quite a few of the Port Moody boys joining, Damn fools. I call them, for joining that outfit. We all voted since we came here, thats some satisfaction and I dont think their was very many voted dry either. You know we want a drink when we come back to B.C. I have been to the dentist and had two out and Im going back to get some filled it will help to chew some of this grub we are getting. I think Ill have to learn to eat rice because we get it pretty often and of course I go without but they always have something else, if its only Prunes it helps fill up, I dont care for the way they feed us just now, but its starting to get better. Hows everything around Moody? tell Jack Westwood that little Jones’s was asking for him, and that he still hear’s from the ranch. Have Eastwoods moved yet and how are your chickens getting on, I suppose youll have some left when I get back. Tell Bert I’ll write to him Monday and then I’ll tell him who that is at Longworth Camp I hope the water system is a success in Moody? and did Eva paper your kitchen yet? Is their anything wrong after that week I was at home you know what I mean, well bye bye and be good

Your loving Husband

Pte. A.F. Burnett
No 761242 B.Co.
Army Post Office
121st C.E.F.

for you and sweetheart from Daddy Boy

P.S. I got rid of my [stripes] O.K.  

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