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Date: October 8th 1916
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Oct 8th 1916

My Dear wife and sweetheart

How are you both getting along. received you letter dated 14th on the 6th and was certainly tickled it seemed like old times to read it, was sorry to hear that Hughina was not feeling good hope she is better by this time, dont take any chances with her, take her to the doctor as soon as there is anything wrong, and then you’ll know you have done your best and thats all any body can do. Im going away for ten days to the ranges and that will be a welcome change, because they tell me its nice their, Ill write and tell you how I like it after I get their. Say Nell I want to thank you for the money glad to get it I hate to take it from you, but cant very well refuse when Im broke, if you ever send again send it to Bramshott Army P.O. instead of london I had to send it up to London to cash it. you know we dont get leave here like in canada here we get one week end pass that is from noon on Saturday untill midnight on Sunday once every ten weeks, so you see it is pretty hard for us to get anything done like money orders because you have to apply personally at the post office or get the money order transfered to the camp P.O. and we are at Bramshott 45 miles from London. although you must address the letters the same as you did the one I got you can address the money order if their ever is another one like this: my name and then {Bramshot Army Post Office, Hants} and of course address the letter London P.O. because we never know when we will move from here, hope you understand this if not let me know You said you would send one some socks well put a few plugs of chewing tobacco in them for old times sake, you know their is a special rate for parcels to soldiers eleven pounds weight for seventy cents I think that’s it allthough I dont want you to send me that weight mind you Im just letting you know. I wrote a short letter to Bert last week when I wrote to you, now I want you to tell him if you see him, that on the 28th of this month if he will take a drink at twenty minutes past twelve noon, Ill drink with him over here allthough their is eight hours and twenty minutes difference we are ahead that much so I will think of you at that time by your clock and it will be nearly bedtime by ours that is twenty to nine and our bed time is half past nine, hows that for planning, thank But for the address the next time I get leave Ill hunt it up. I have not got that transfer yet but still have hopes of doing so Capt Kane has his. I saw Fred Gibson a couple of times, but I never heard of us going to France not even a rumor. Well Kiddo their is nothing new to tell you, only that Im feeling good and keeping perfect health, but of course am a little lonesom for you both. be good and be cheerful Kiss little sweetheart for me I remain

Your loving hubby
same address

from daddy Boy.
to you both

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Original Scans