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Date: November 29th 1916
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Somewhere in France
Nov 29th 1916

My Dear Wife and daughter

You’ll see by the heading that Im getting more to doing my bit, I kind of like it over here, that is conditions are a whole lot better than I was let to expect, allthough thier is certainly lots of mud but weather conditions are jake for this time of the year just like old B.C. I have not received any letter from you, now for about a month, but I guess it is following me up, and I supose changing from one battallion to another makes a difference, I have not seen any of the old boys yet allthough they are in the same division, I guess when we get settled I look them up, Pete Johnson in the 102nd is O.K. at least one of the fellows told me so, and Billy Taylor is allright too, a lad in the 47th knew him and I asked after him, I suppose they’ll have a lot to tell me when I see them, I forgot the other day I saw George Wilson and he shouted Helloe to me, but we were on the march so didn’t have time to talk to him, in fact I didn’t recognize him untill we passed, he was looking fine. Well I suppose you’ll get this by Christmas. I hope I’ll be with you next one, but I think the war will be over long before then because everything is in our favour now. Well to change the subject, Hows everything? and my little sweetheart hows she getting along, tell her that Daddy is allways thinking of her, did she get over that last sickness alright, it seems rather odd me asking you this later in the day, but seeing I have not heard from you for such a long time, I have to keep asking. Hows Bert and Jack getting along, I suppose they’ll never take that crazy notion like I did, I hope not anyhow, show this letter to Bert please, and tell him that after I get back to Blighty Ill write him all about my experience in France, i think after the war Ill write a book on it. Well be good Kid and kiss little Hughina for me

I remain your loving husband

Pte. A.F. Burnett
75th Battln No 761242
Army Post office
Bombing Section

to Sweetheart from Daddyboy

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