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Date: January 12th 1917
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Somewhere in France
Jan 12th/17

My Dear wife and daughter

You’ll have to excuse me for not writing before, but have been in the trenches so I guess you’ll understand how difficult it is to write their. Well I have not received a letter from you for quite a while and as regards parcels well I forgot what they look like. I sent you and the kid a couple of nice cards about two weeks ago hope you get them allright, and as regards receiving that second order I got it O.K. but you need not bother sending any more because it is to much trouble to cash them, if I need any Ill ask.

Well I tasted Xmas pudding but it was only a taste we had one small tin between forty six men and they dont issue any rum in this brigade they are all teetotalers so I did not taste it Xmas nor New Years I have been with Geo Pye for the last three nights he said he was thinking of me on New Years and remembered where he was the last one, and then I met him on the 8th and we were both surprised. I like the trenches but not the mud its H – – I wish it was Spring and then maybe it would dry up As soon as I finish this Im going to have a drink of beer with George Pye hows that. we are out for a six days rest, but will be going back in a day or so, remember me to all the boys, and say hello to Bert for me Im glad that Hughina got over the whooping cough allright. As regards Charlies dont bother with it refer them to me if they want to know anything Paper is scarce

good bye to you both
Pte A.F Burnett
761242, 75th Battn C.E.F.
Bomber, A Co.
Army Postoffice London

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Original Scans