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Date: February 4th 1917
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Somewhere in France
Feb 4th/17

My Dear wife and daughter

Received your first letter of the New Year also got the parcel O.K. and a letter from Bert asking me did I get what you sent me for him. So Ill have to write to him tonight and thank him. he said he only got one letter from me, so I hope he will get this one, So Hughina enjoyed herself at Xmas and Santa Claus did not forget her, Im glad of that she must have been a good girl allright, I hope she is keeping well and attending school regular Say Nell you must not be dissappointed if you dont receive a letter from me every week because we put eighteen days in the trenches and six out, so that is the reason that I cant write regular, its so hard to get mail away from the trenches you understand. Everything is much the same here it is still very cold, and snow on the ground, dont know which is the worst the cold, or the mud before it froze up. I think I prefer the mud. You say in your letter that Bomber dont sound good to you, Well I dont know somebody has to do it, and we are supposed to be picked men in the Battalion for it, and I have only been on one little raid in no mans land so far, and I think it good sport you know girl, that I did not come over here just to look on. Ill certainly take care of myself, and I also will do my best to take care of Fritz, you see I promised Bert that I would pay up for Alex, and I’m going to try and keep that promise. Ive just come out of the line and had a bath and a change of clothes, and of course feel a whole lot better, they tell me that Im getting fat on the job, so you see it agrees with me and I never felt better in my life allthough I can see it making old men out of some every day, The next time you send a parcel even if it is only a pair of socks put a micky in it for pity’ sake, because the Brigade Im in dont get any Rhum, and it certainly would go down good this weather. well enough about the trenches how are you feeling yourself and the Kid how is she keeping? I would like to see you both, and I guess Ill be with next Xmas allright, remember me to Mrs Carr and family tell her that I often think of the good times we had their and I suppose will have again when I get back. Well be good girl and Kiss little sweetheart for me

I remain Your loving husband

From daddyboy to Sweetheart

Pte A.F. Burnett
No 761242, 75th Battln
Bomber C.E.F.

Feb 5th
I forgot to tell you that I have not received the family Herald yet, Am writing to Bert and Jack today. be good and be cheerful, you’ll notice that this letter will not be opened.
from Frank.


[Editor’s note: This letter was sent using the limited issue “green envelope,” or “honour envelope,” that enabled the contents to bypass the usual requirement of being read and censored by an officer within the writer’s own Regiment (and therefore an officer personally known by, and often in direct command of, the writer).]

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