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Date: March 18th 1917
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)
Francis Burnett

Somewhere in France
March 18th/17

My Dear Wife and Daughter

I put off writing this week thinking, that I would get a letter from you but nothing doing so far, the last letter I got you said that you had not heard from me for a month well I never was that long between letters, so they must go astray like Bert’s. I wrote to him last week, also to Hughina and sent her a handkerchief, Im just mentioning this in case you dont get it. I received the Parcel that you sent in February thanks for same the tobacco came in handy, You tell Bert I got the money O.K. I wrote him about it but just in case he dont get my letter understand, Oh who do you suppose is in this Battalion? but Norman Campbell, he joined it about New Years after staying fifteen months in the old country, he does not remember me, but he happened to be sitting beside me when I was reading your last letter, and he said Port Moody, I looked at him and he said, I used to live their and I asked him his name he said Campbell, so then I said hello Norman, he certainly has grown but he aint very stout, another thing he told me that if he ever gets through this O.K. he is going back to the Coast its better than Toronto. You say in your letter that I write as if I was in the trenches, why my dear girl, I’ve been their all the time since before Christmas, but that is nothing to worry over, because you told me that the war was going to be over by the 18th of June and Im beginning to think that your not very far wrong, because we are gaining everywhere. Another thing I want to tell you is not to worry about me, because if anything happens to me, they will notify you first even if Im only wounded and if they dont notify you, I must be allright even if you are a month without letters, so get that into your head and dont worry. remember me to everybody and Kiss little Sweetheart for me

I remain
Your loving husband

Pte A.F. Burnett
#761242} A Coy Bomber
75 Battn

to sweetheart from Daddyboy

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Original Scans