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Date: April 22nd 1917
Francis Burnett
Wife & Daughter - (Ellen & Hughina Burnett)

[Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Frank by his wife Ellen but was returned to her unopened as he had been killed at Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917.]

Port Moody
April 22 1917

“Our Dear Hubby and Daddy Boy:–

I received your letter dated March 18 and I sure was glad to get it and to know that you were O.K. and I am also glad that you think that the war will soon be over soon, I was surprised to hear that Noman Campbell was in your battl. It much seem nice to met somebody from home. That Miss Godard is coming to Moody again to teach dancing lessons and I think I’ll let Hughina go she wants to go, Don’t you think it would be nice for her to go and learn? It is $1.50 per month and they have one lessen every week from 7:30 to 8:30 I don’t like the hours I should like it if it was a little earely I shall have to go with her every time I suppose she will not keep it up very long just a month or two like she did before

Geo Wilson is badly wounded his name has has been in the paper twice.

Did I tell you that Hughina came out second in her room last month Marie Carr came out first.

This morning when we got up, was just lovely and Hughina just wore her little silk coat to Sunday School and now it is just pouring I have had company nearly all day Mrs Gould came this after noon and just as she left Dolly and Clifford came up from S. School with H–– and they had been here from about 12 oclock until S. School time and after supper their mother came up and they have just left.

My but the weather is awful The familys that are living in the C.P.L. houses have to get out I hear that this firm has leased the mill for six years. I wish that you was at home to work there, The Goulds are going to rent Mc Gowens house for the time until they can build one on their own lot.

I am thinking about getting my teeth fixed out of this pay that is to get them out. Mrs Gould was in seeing about getting hers fixed and she is thinking it will take about $70.00 So I am almost afraid to think the price mine will be I should like to have them all fixed when you come home I guess that Mrs Freemans sister {the lady I told you about a couple of weeks ago} well I guess she is just about dying they cabled for him to come home I don’t know wheather he could come or not but Freemans got a phone to-day to go and see her right away for they thought she was dying they have taken her to the hospital.

Bert got your last letter O.K. for he told me so. and he said. Gee I’ll have to send him some more.

Well Bye Bye for this time
From your ever loving wife and little daughter
from us both to Daddy Boy.

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Original Scans