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Date: October 5th 1944

on the "Ile de France", on the Atlantic Ocean.

October 5, 1944

Dear Mom,

I was up on deck again today as usual, and as usual looking at the ocean, with an angle of 180 degrees, in one view. If I were to climb into the "crow's nest on one of the masts. I'd be able to see for 360 degrees.

First I went to the bow, and watched the spray as it slipped back in the wind. The foam on the crest of the waves reminded me of thiusands of white robbed hosemen, on snow-white horses, galloping down a deep green hill waving flowing banners in the breeze. As the wave flowed into the rest of the sea, the foam turned into light blue smoke under the black water.

Then I went to the stem of the ship and watched the turbulant water as it receeded from the ship. The mighty screws seemed like enormous cream whippers, creating huge balloon-like eruptions like jelly fish blobs that rose to the surface, and then quickly joined with the sea again.

In the afternoon there was the most beautiful rainbow off to the port side of the ship. The rainbow seemed to move gradually toward the ship, until it was about four or five yards away. Then the sun disappeared in clouds, and the rainbow slowly faded from view.

I understand that we'll soon be arriving at our destination, so I
guess we'll be on dry land again. So far the trip hasn't been too bad. There was only one slightly rough day that bothered a few of the boys. But, generally speaking I don't think many of the boys regret the trip.

It certainly would be swell to take the trip in a luxury liner. A trip by plane would be o. k too, but if a person liked the sea, the thrill wouldn't be as great.

On my first day aboard, I had a chance to see the engine room before it was placed out of bounds. It was impressive. I asked the men working there many questions, and learned something about the machinery.

Now I'll have to make a visit to the mess hall to get my knife. I dropped it by mistake when I was rincing my mess tins, and it fell to the bottom of the tank of water. I was told to return after the meal and it would be put aside for me.

Love to all, Lewis.