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Date: May 25th 1945

Gilze- Rijen, Holland.

May 25, 1945

Dear Mom,

I received two 1etters from you- one written on the 3 rd of May, and the other on the 9 th. Al had received the box that you had sent to him.

So Art is a corporal now. I'm glad that you received my pictures o. k.

As for the Pacific-they still say ifs voluntary, but there's no need to be concerned as yet.

I heard from Stewart. He's still in Germany. He seems to be in a swell place, complete with a swimming pool! He's collecting souveniers. In Rheine there was very little to collect, since the Jerries seem to have taken anything of value. So, except for a few small items, I have very little from my stay in Germany.

The night before last I went to Tilburg in southern Holland. It is a lot like the towns in England. It seemed very clean, reminding me of the first town we stayed in in Belgium.

The Canadian Army has been here for some time. There's a Garrison Cinema (run by and for the Allies) and a swell N.A.F.F.I. where dances are held, with orchestras on both floors. There are many Army and Air Force persons in the town.

Hope we'll soon get some idea about what our future will be.

Love, Lewis.