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Date: August 14th 1945

# 4422 Echelon, Bassingbourne, about 40 miles north of London, U. K

August 14, 1945

Dear Mom,

I thought that I'd be on leave Now, but just before we were to go no leave on the 11th, it was cancelled, and yesterday we were sent here. Bassingbourne is forty miles north of London, and we may even be put to work again. It was heaven while it lasted.

I met a fellow named Don Burrell, from Chatham, Ontario, and together we really enjoyed our free time. We acted like two Romeos, spending a lot of time on the beaches with a number of girls. There was Sybil, Joy and Joyce, as well as Dawn We had quite the vacation, on the beach all day, and then dancing in the evening. I'll never forget such glorious time.

So long for now. Love, Lewis.