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Date: August 22nd 1945

Bassingbourne, England, U. K.

August 22, 1945

Dear Mom,

Swell to get your letter, dated Aug 11, today. You said, in that letter thay you guessed that I was having a good time. Wait until you get the last letter I wrote, and that "guess" will be changed to "know".

However, right now things are not so terrific, but then again there are hopes of my getting leave again. I hope that this one isn't cancelled like the last one was.

I'm glad to hear that Dad is getting along so well. You can't keep a good Billard down! by the time you get this I suppose every one will be home from their vacation.

Since I've been on this Station I've met a 1ot of guys, some of them from the old Gass of twenty seven that stewart and I had been with in Moncton. so long ago! Others I had met while at the Station in Mont Joli. I even met a guy from my first crew! Some have just come over from Canada about three months ago, in June. The majority have not been here as 1ong as I have.

I had intended to go somewhere today, but decided to write letters instead.

As yet they haven't found work for us, but I expect they will soon enough. Some guys are finally getting home, but since we were posted here it's not likely that we'll be moved too soon.

However, I haven't seen all of England yet, so I don't mind being
here too much.

Love, Lewis.