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Date: September 3rd 1945

Bassingbourne, England, U. K

September 3, 1945

Dear Mom,

I've just returned from my leave to Stratford- on-Avon. the leave had been cancelled while we were at Bournemouth, but we did get it here.

I visitaed not only Stratford, but also Warwick, Kenilworth, Coventry, Rugby, Leamington Spa, and London, as well as Oxford and Cambridge. This was an "historical" leave. I had Five pounds (about $22.00 ) when I started, and when I came back I had only 1 1/2 d (about 3 cents) in my pocket! But I put it all to good use, so I think.

I've had thirteen 1etters waiting for me, and also my p1astic eye- glasses (they're o. k.) Thanks again for sending the attachments.

We're moving from here tomorrow. So you see I am moving around, and since I may be going home ion the next three months, don't send me anything of value in my parcels. Register them, if you can. Should my repatriation come through, I'm leaving word to have my mail re-addressed to Nigel Temple (a R.A.F. fellow I met here), and he will foward it to me back in Canada, and at the same time he can use any parts of the parcels for himself. Otherwise the letters are destroyed and I don't know who gets the parcels, possibly some hospital.

However, that is a long way off, but that is my idea at present. In your letter of Aug. 17, you didn't know whether to send a parcel or not. Well. I'm quite sure I'll be here long enough to receive a few more parcels, so don't be afraid that they will not reach me. I figure that I'll be lucky if I get home by next February.

And if you meet any guys who don't like England. tell them for me, that they are the type of guys who never liked anything and are always complaining.

When I get home I'll tell you what all the things are that are in the parcels. I'm sending them home because my collections are making my kit too heavy to carry around. So long for a little while.

Love to all, Lewis.