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Date: September 19th 1945

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U.K.

September 19, 1945

Dear Mom,

Today I received the birthday card from you and Grandmother Billard.

I'm afraid that even though I intend to go to College, that makes no difference to the authorities, as to my returning home. Getting out of the Service early applies only to those who already had been in College before they had joined up. The reason that we are kept here can be easily figured out. It took six years to bring us all across the sea, so naturally we can't get back in six months. They just don't have the ships to carry us back early.

When I visited Nigel Temple (my R A F. friend) in Middleton St. George, luckily he had the afternoon free, so we had quite a day together. There was an "Open House" exhibit at the Station, so we saw quite a variety of aircraft and other pieces of equipment that were on display. Now that the war is over such displays are possible for the general public.

I later hitch-hiked back to Leeming, from Darlington. It was quite easy, since the people of the area willingly give rides to men in uniform.