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Date: September 27th 1945

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U.K

September 27, 1945

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the gift box that just arrived. You certainly must have searched for those ten chocolate bars, and ten packages of gum. Those are the two best items, because they are so scarce here.

I haven't tried the dark fruit cake yet, but certainly looks and smells good! Thanks also for the can of Spork and the two packages of marshmallows. ( I can't remember when I last had some.) Also thanks for the jelly sweets, the notebooks, the (pre-wartime) pencils, and the three Readers Digests. But especially thanks for the August 25th issue of the Halifax Herald. It certainly is a change to read a full page paper, rather than the half page ones that are printed here.

Things are going along smoothly here. I'm not doing much work, but I'm writing a lot of letters. Yesterday, I sent you a letter about York. It's only seventeen pages, but the one I'm writing about Stratford-on-Avon will be longer.

So long for now, Love, Lewis.