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Date: October 26th 1945

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

October 26, 1945

Dear Mom,

Back again after a terrific leave in Ireland. I stayed in Belfast most of the time, but I also visited Dublin, as well as a few towns near Belfast.

I met quite a few Irish girls, but especially enjoyed being with a girl named Helen Frances Alcorn from Belfast. I sure hated to leave, but maybe I'll get back some day.

Stewart is now in southern England, about two hours from London, where he spent his last leave, where he met a girl, whom he visits when he is on 36 hour passes.

I have three letters from you among 17 others awaiting my attention. In the one of September 29th you said that Rev. Crewe enjoyed my long letter. For a person who has been here, it would mean a lot more than someone who doesn't know the country. Jean Adams (a girl from my High School) wrote to me saying that her brother Don also enjoyed my letters to her. He had met a girl in England, and knew something about the country.

By now Al must be well into his studies. He was a lucky fellow to get back to Canada so soon.

I gave one of the "Glace Bay" hankies to May. She is now back at the A T. S. Base on the Isle of Wight. She wrote me a 20 page letter, which was waiting for me when I returned from my leave to Ireland.

In your Oct. 9th letter, you said that Art was a sargeant. Congratulate him for me, will you.

By the way, I just signed up for a $500.00 Victory Bond to be paid for over the next twelve months.

Love, Lewis.