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Date: November 22nd 1945

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

November 22, 1945

Dear Mom,

My ice skates have arrived, and they are very welcome. I didn't realize how costly it was to register them, but I'm glad you did, since it guarateed that they would get here. I intend to go to Edinburgh again and perhaps do some ice skating in Dunfermlin. There is a rink in Durham, about 20 miles from Darlington, so I may get a chance to go there, too. Unfortunately there are not too many rinks on this island, but I guess 111 be able to find a few and get in a bit of my favorite sport.

I polished the boots, put Vaseline on the metal blades, put new covers on the toes, as well as washed the laces. So they are as good as new, now.

In a letter I received from Marie she enclosed a newspaper write-up about Mr. Crowell's death. That came as a shock to me, but it will be a very great one for Roy who is still over here. I had met Earl in London last year, but didn't know he had returned home until just now.

I wonder who will be the new Supervisor. Could it be O. B. Smith? But I suppose his job as Principal will keep him from that position, unless there is a general shuffle.

Most of my news I had already given to you in an airmail sent to you a day ago, so there's not too much more to say. Joyce sent me another parcel. She's certainly generous, alright.

This week-end, just before I go on leave to Wales, I intend to go to Darlington to see Joan.

That's all for now, Love, Lewis