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Date: December 7th 1945

back at Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

December 7, 1945

Dear Mom,

Here I am, back at the "old grind", after a super leave in Wales. All my leaves are great, and that one was no exception.

I stayed at a private boarding house in Llanelly, which was my first stop after Swansea. On my journey to Wales, I had spent one day in Manchester, one in Newport, one in Swansea, and the final five in Llanelly, not far from Swansea.

And what a town it is, too- very modern, with a population of about 43,000. It has a lovely dance hall, six cinemas, and beautiful girls. It's noted for it's pretty girls, and, boy, are there a lot of them. When you go out on the dance floor, there is such a scarcity of males, that they have a "Pardon Me" dance quite often to allow the girls, who are not dancing, a chance to "cut in" on those who are. I've danced with as many as five girls during one piece of music! That's certainly good for the male ego!

Naturally, I got to know a number of girls at the dances. One was Catherine Jones, whom I met in Swansea, while in Llanelly I met Eiluned ( Eileen, in England ), a lovely little blond. The girls speak both Welsh and English. They speak with a beautiful singing voice, especially Eiluned.

As soon as I write my letter about Ireland, I'll send it home. Then
I'll write about my leave to Wales. I sent two parcels home. They contain personal items from my leaves. You may open them if you wish to, and some day I'll be home to explain it all to you. ( Keep any stamps that are on the parcels.)

I sent you a cablegram from Cardiff for your birthday. Did you get it o.k.? Maybe I'll be a little closer for your next birthday. I'll answer you two letters later on.

Now, so long. Love, Lewis.