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Date: December 28th 1945

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

December 28, 1945

Dear Mom,

I hope that you spent as swell a Christmas as I did! I had a wonderful time, quite a bit different from last year.

We got five days off, and since May is in Harrogate, I went there on the 21st, a Friday night, attended a dance, stayed in Harrogate for the following days, and returned to the Station on the morning of Dec. 27th.

I stayed at the "Y', since there is no extra room at May's house, but I ate my dinners, teas, and suppers at Mays every day. I don't know how I can tell you all about the days, but here's a brief idea.

On Saturday, the 22nd we went to a movie and on Sunday we went for walks, and to church. On Monday, Christmas Eve, we went to another movie, and then to a Mr. and Mrs. Elliker's and their daughter, Margaret's for Christmas Eve supper. After supper we played games and had lots of fun.

On Christmas Day we visited May's brother Sid and his family, and in the evening just sat in front of the fireplace in the living room. On the 26th we went to see "1001 Nights", and later had a birthday party for May's older sister, Hilda, when the Ellikers visited us.

I never got to bed before two or three o'clock in the morning during those whole six days, but I wasn't the least bit tired.

May is a swell girl, Mom. She and I get along wonderfully well together. In many ways she reminds me of you. She's eight months older than I am. There are some similarities: I'm in the Air Force, and she's in the A.T.S. so, in a way, we have something in common.

I took some of the things, from your parcel and the one from the
A.Y.P.A, to May, Hilda and their father, as gifts. We had your Christmas cake for Christmas Eve and later for dinner. It was excellent. May and the others especially liked the nuts, since they can't be purchased over here, now.

For Christmas dinner we had chicken, and was it ever good. I had been given a carton of chocolate bars at the Station, so I took them to May's. Oh, we had a swell time. May gave me a gilt-edged diary and "Santa Claus" brought me a pair of arm bands, just like my Dad's, all wrapped up in ribbons, with an orange and an apple. They sure were good to me.
May has beautiful eyes and lovely hair. She's terrific, and we're very fond of each other, and really enjoy each other's company.
( continued in letter # 2 )

( letter # 2) May knows my position, and we haven't gone "futuristic", so we're happy with each other, as things are.

With all the talk about Christmas, I left out some important details. May was only supposed to come home on leave for over Christmas.
However, her Dad had a heart attack, so she rushed right up from the Isle of Wight, on compassionate leave, and she can stay until Jan. 7th. Then she returns to the A T. S. until about Feb. 3rd, when she gets her discharge, after having served for four years.

On Dec. 26th her Dad came downstairs, feeling quite happy, and as healthy-looking as can be, and spent two hours with us. Gradually, he'll have more time downstairs, but I guess he'll never be really active again. He's a cheerful man, and I guess that's the reason May is so wonderful.
When I got back to the Station I had a lot of Christmas cards waiting for me. I'll thank the people for them at a later date.

And now I'd like to wish you and Dad-- Many Happy Returns of the Day on January 7th, when you both will have been married for over a quarter of a century: 26 years! I'm proud to have been your son for 22 of those years !

Love to you and Dad. Your loving son, Lewis.