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Date: May 3rd 1885
Katie - (sister)
Lewis Brophy

Fort Otter
May 3rd 1885

Dear Katie

I received your nice letter the other day and since then have seen service and been under fire. I do not thirst for Indian gore now at least not until I have a dead sure thing. As it was the atmospheric pressure caused by the widespread diffusion of lead, was such as to render respiration difficult (Excuse this oration) But chaffing apart we really had as hard a time of it as I ever want to see again.

One of the Sharpshooters Killed was an ardent admirer of Kathleens I mean poor Jack Rogers he was shot through the back of the head and never even moved after. There were seven killed and one missing (Osgoode of ours) who no doubt was killed in the bush as we were crossing the river. We are not likely to have any more fighting for some time yet as although we retired the Indians goth their belly full and will not likely trouble us unless we go after them. It is universally acknowledged that the Flying Column was a mistake and the Colonel is generally blamed for risking a fight with out first ascertaining the strength and position of the enemy

George Sparks was very much put out at not being one of our party, but, I can assure you that he would not have been so keen after it if he was there. I have just come back from placing poor Rogers in his coffin a very plain one I can assure you as in war time they are not over particular I am glad you are having a good time in Winnipeg as you will not be so lonesome if you go out much. Gerald Bate you say is spoiling for a brush, but I fancy he is much better when he is measuring out rations &c. I hear Jim Lawson is in Calgary I am sorry he is not here as we would have a good time with him. I have not yet secured any trophies but there is lots of time yet. I wrote to Father last night and told him a good deal of news, I hope you and the folks at home have not been alarmed by sensational reports, do not believe anything bad has happened to me unless you hear from the Captain.

Give my love to [?] B. and take a couple of kisses for yourself and fancy it is me.

Your affectionate Broth

[continued on back:]
I have just met with a mishap I have spilt a bottle of ink over my letter so perhaps you will not be able to make some of it out however I have not time to write another as last post has just sounded and I must have my letter in.  I will make up for the destroyed [destred?] next time
Your [&c?]


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