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Date: May 23rd 1885
Mother - (Mary Brophy)
Lewis Brophy

May 23/85

Dear Mother

I am not going to write you a letter now as I have nothing new to tell you as you will have heard before this all about Poundmaker having sent in his prisoners under a flag of truce. I hope that he will himself surrender and thus shorten the campaign considerably if not altogether. The reason I am dropping you this line is that you will get a long letter by the same mail as this but dated over a week since it has been lying in the mailbag here as on account of the Indians being in the way no mails have been sent out or have reached here for about a fortnight. I am quite well, I would write more but the mail is about to close and I had not heard of there being one going out. Love to Father and all the family In haste

Your aff Son

P.S. Tell Jack that Charlie Winter has just come out of the Hospital tent and returned to us, although still unfit for duty. He has desired me to remember him to Jack. I hope a mail will reach us soon as I am anxious to hear some news.

[written above the final signature, date/author unknown: “May 23rd/85.”]

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