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Date: June 3rd 1885
Katie - (sister)
Lewis Brophy

June 3rd/85

My Dear Katie

I received two letters from you yesterday one of which was dated Apl 29 and the other May 15th. They must have been lying around for a long time. This was the first mail we had received here since the 9th May. In the Apl letter I found enclosed the pair of scapulars which you mention. I do not know whether they are blest or not but presume they are. I invested myself with them in the tent the other night after lights out sounded. I did not know any formula but said a whole stack of different prayers, I am glad to hear of you all praying for me, but do not worry about me as long as I remain in Battleford for I am perfectly safe here. I had a letter from Jack the same time as yours. I had seven letters all told from different [writers?] and some papers from yourself. Father has discontinued sending me papers as I informed him that they were not reaching me, I think they will now reach all right. I see by your last letter that you are going home soon and by the Lakes, it will be very pleasant. When we go home I expect it will be by the same route as the C.P.R. is unfit to travel over since the frost is out of the ground a great part and the end nearest to Port Arthur being built on the snow &c and will sink several feet in some places.

Vashen May desires to be remembered to you and to Gerald, tell young Mrs. B. that I have had one thimbleful of her brandy left in my flask for over an month and would not touch it for a great deal as you could not get a mouthful here for a hundred dollars and I am keeping it in case of great need. We may perhaps get some from the Q.O.R’s when their supplies arrive from Toronto, if it is not all drunk by the teamsters on the way up from Swift Current. The stuff mother says is coming up from Ottawa has not been heard of I suppose it will arrive after we have gone home. Remember me to everybody, It is impossible for me to give you any news as there is absolutely nothing going on in our Brigade. The Grub is much better for some time back we are averaging fresh meat twice a week –

Will write soon again
Your aff brother
Lewis LB.

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