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Date: June 8th 1885
Gerald Brophy - (brother)
Lewis Brophy

North Side of Saskatchewan
Opposite Battleford
June 8/85

Dear Gerald

I am just after [moving?] across on the Steamer Baroness with the whole of Otters Column in all about 300 or 350 men. The object is to patrol across country about 40 or 50 miles towards Turtle Lake and then perhaps on to Fort Pitt and try and intercept Big Bear should he come down this way. He is [being?] pursued by the mounted men under [?] Herchmer and Middleton and [perhaps?] will be headed this way. I am unable to write home for want of time and opportunity, although I received six letters last night. Should I get a chance I will write home, in any case I do not think we will be away for more than two weeks, as we have only taken rations for that period, If we intercept Big Bear I have no doubt that we will dispose of him finally, and although Gen. Middleton does not apparently think much of us I think we could show him a wrinkle or two about fighting Indians

If we have any fighting I propose to do as little as I can, as I had quite made up my mind that I would not fire another shot and that my next move would be homewards. This is unfortunately not the case, but perhaps after all we will not have any fighting and the next move will be home.

You will forward this home to mother as I have not time to write anything more than this, so It will have to go the rounds, I know they will excuse me. What in the name of moses possessed them to have my letter published in the paper. If there is one thing more than another I detest it is newspaper notoriety. I suppose that by the time this reaches you Katie will have left for home. If she is not gone give her my best love as well as to your wife. I have often been asked if I wanted anything from home and have always said no, as I thought it would be no use complaining as it is impossible to get any parcels up here except by mail [?] and I did not know that even mail parcels would be sent until last night when one of the boys rec’d some socks from Ottawa from old Fortier in the P.O.D. I have only one pair of socks left and it is impossible to procure any. Should you have a couple of pairs of woolen ones lying around and think we will be here long enough to [line unreadable – paper damaged] you would send them along and oblige

Your aff brother

[postscript on back of final page:] I intend writing more but the mail is just leaving. L.B.

[written separately at top, date/author unknown: “June 8th/85”]


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Original Scans