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Date: March 5th 1946

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U.K

Dear Mom,

Over the week-end I attended the funeral of May's father. You recall that she was on compassionate leave over Christmas, because her father had a heart attack.

I've received your letter of Feb. 15, when you tell about the storms in Glace Bay. We also had storms, which tied up traffic in some places, but here in Yorkshire it just meant a white countryside, and a bit if wet walking.

No, our Station was not on strike, but instead we sent three representatives to see the authorities in London, to get our grievences aired. You'll have read about it all by now. It helped to clear things up. It looks as though we may be home by June or July, if all the present indications are correct.

So, you've got a British bride in your class. The girls here are great, so it's no wonder that they get married to Canadians.

Incidentally, in a letter from Nigel Temple, in Iceland, says that the government there has offered him a job, beginning at sixty pounds a month (approx$ 270.00), when he gets his discharge. He thinks the offer is very good, but it means that he would have to stay in Iceland.

That's all for now, Love, Lewis.