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Date: March 11th 1946

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

March 11, 1946

Dear Mom,

Here is an letter being sent by ordinary mail, which I understand will take two weeks to get to you.

On wednesday I went to May's and just spent a quiet time at her home. She had bourht a piece of black oiled silk material, which I used to cover the top of their card table. I also tried out their "Goblin" vacuum cleaner, a cylindrical machine that lies on the floor. May and her sister, Hilda are getting used to being by themselves in the house.

On Thursday night I went on the skating trip to Durham, and it was very good. The wether was nice and crisp, and there was a good crowd, including the girls from Newcastle. Lots of fun.

On Saturday afternoon I met May in Harrogate, and we had a stroll around the town, and then after supper at a restaurant we went to see the very good British movie "The Rake's Progress" (by "Rake" they mean "Hobo"). He wasn't a true hobo, but a rich fellow who couldn't agree with the people he lived with and by various happenings became almost a typical hobo.

This coming week 1 won't be visiting May's, so that she and her sister can complete their spring cleaning.

Lately there's been a number of small drafts home. Just during the past week there have been two such drafts of 150 fellows, so who knows now just when I'll be called. At any rate, unless things change suddenly, there's a chance that we'll be home sooner than expected.

That's all for now. Love, Lewis.