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Date: April 14th 1917
Wife - (Elizabeth Duncan Clark)
Frank Clark

47th Canadians,

My dear wife,

we have done a lot more travelling about the country since last writing, you will no doubt have heard long before this of the doings of the Canadian boys, I was not in the fighting but some distance in rear, the boys certainly had Fritz on the run and brought back lots of souvineer helmets, and all sorts of junk. The mud is real bad, really you have no idea how bad it is I have seen lots of our old boys from our good old Bn. It seems to be good news in the papers again today, Des Vicars seems to be doing remarkably well, I heard yesterday his men just worship him he is so cool. There are quite a few of our boys from Kamloops in my Bn. Stephen McKay, McArthur and McLean (happy) there were glad to see me, and quite cheerful of course you know there is the comical side to it all one chap yesterday fell down in the mud and almost went out of sight, somebody shouts out come on Tommie it aint bed time, another said he was having a wash, and oh, if you had seen the water. really the mud is awful. I saw Jack Knox yesterday and he is allright, had quite a beard, but was going to get a shave, Hope you will excuse short letter dear how is my own sweetheart, and boys,

lots of Kisses,

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Original Scans