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Date: February 3rd 1942
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

Tuesday 3 1942

Dear Sister and all:-

Well Sis I just recieved your letter that you wrote to me on the 26th and boy was I ever glad to hear from you. Your letter followed me up from Borden and was glad to hear that you all had a nice Christmas and know that you are all well, and happy. I suppose you didn’t miss Gladdie and I so much but we always were young rough necks, eh. I always liked her so much as the rest, I guess I better busy my self and write her a few lines or she won’t think much of it. Well Dear my pen is still doing its bit and have thanked you a dozen times for the money belt because I think it has paid its way over here, just on what I saved through it on the boat.

I am sure thankful Leona that you have written to Donna because I really look to you people over home to help her along that way. I have written 23 letters to her myself whether they’ll all get to her or not. I am very sorry I didn’t cable you Leona but I thought the one to mother would do them all, it sure takes money and this stuff over here isn’t worth very much.

 I am sorry to hear that you had a sore leg and hope its better by now, I have a hell of a cold and I guess I’ll have it for awhile because its sure wet over here now, raining about every day.

I got moved into a new hut to-day its quite a bit warmer and drier so I hope that helps. You said something about Jack being over here, well he could be a mile away and I wouldn’t know it, because there is so many over here and I just haven’t got time to hunt him up. I suppose there is lots of snow over home and frost and boy I sure would like to be there in it and do some rabbit hunting, but I have some rat hunting to do first, I guess, eh.

You said something about sending me stuff well I sure would appreciate it but don’t go to too much trouble over me because you know it takes money for that. I have only received two letters since I came, one from Donna and yours, thanks very much, am still waiting for something from Donna, that’s all I ask and I will be O.K. again.

Well Sis I am on C.B. for a week not that I’ve done wrong but we are duty company for this week, I am on 24 hours duty just in case of emergency in case Jerry comes over. I saw them one night at least I saw them trying to put the search lights on them, they were humming all night, sure exciting. Well Leona I have much news so I guess I better close and write to Donna, so I hope this finds you all soon and well.

Lots of Love to all
Your Brother

Write soon
Always glad to hear from home.
Good-night Sis.

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