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Date: March 7th 1942
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Saturday 7 1942

Dear Leona and family:-  

Well Sis I supposed you’ve given up hopes by now of getting news from me. Well as you notice I’m really short of paper and envelopes, being I have some now I guess I better wish you lots of luck and I really hope you and the family are all fine and happy.

Well Sis I’m in the hospital but its my face, haw, haw, the mumps, boy what place this is. Sure is tough being kept in captivity, I wouldn’t mind it so much if I could get some-thing descent to eat. I know things are rationed but we should get our share I think, don’t know what sugar or butter tastes like, just margarine. I came in here on the 24th Feb and I guess I’ll be here till the 15th. The M.O. said this A.M. I could get up Monday. I was one of the fortunate ones and just got them on my face, some poor cusses are not so good. There is 26 in this ward so I’m not alone We have a radio too so that helps a lot.

I got a dose of mail this week four letters and a Valentine from Donna, 2 from Mother, 2 from Jean, and one from Mrs H. so I was kept busy reading them. Donna said in one of her letters that you had some mail rejected, not enough address, I got to hand it to you though Leona your the first one I recieved mail from so if yours is late its O.K by me. I only hope all my mail gets over, I heard there was a few boats sunk going west so maybe some of my mail was on it. I was glad to hear that Ross and Elly are working now. I guess Ross could use it eh. I suppose John is still plugging a long, that’s one thing he was never out of, a job, really useful eh Sis. Mother sent me Jack’s address too, I dropped him a line so maybe we can get together when I get out of here. He is only about 12 miles away I guess. This damn country is sure a puzzle, no signs, the roads are crooked not concessions like home, the roads just start out for someplace and one is busy asking where to go, I think I’ll go to London and look up this relation of Aunt Ell’s so I’ll have a place to go on leave and somebody to show me around some.

Donna wrote me a letter with 23 pages, God it was more like a magazine She sure misses me lots but keeps on working, doing alright I guess. I sure would like to get home again soon but I guess if I’m supposed to go home I will, if not I wont, but I’m sure trying to keep out of trouble. I believe Donna would go nuts if any thing was to happen to, she took a fit when I told her about the chow, so she’s sending me a parcel or two.

I wrote Dad a letter to see if he would answer it, I would like to have some thing of his to carry around with me. I going to get my picture taken and send one to each of you when I get out of here. I’m going to send Donna a small picture in a locket, she asked me for the picture but I guess I can spring for all of it eh Sis.

Donna says she doesn’t want me to fall in Love with any dame over here or she might get jealous. That will be the day when any of these fossils can come up to her, at least I haven’t seen any yet. haw. haw.

Well Sis I guess I’m getting kind of run out of breath so I hope this finds you and the family all doing fine and I wish you the very best of luck in the future so I hope your wish comes true.

Your Brother

Hope to hear from you soon so until I do
Bye. Bye. Sis.

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