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Date: March 19th 1942
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

Thurs 19 1942

Dear Sister and Family

Well Sis I suppose you’ve been wondering why I havent written for so long but have just now found time enough to say what I know, which isn’t very much. How is every body at your house these days Leona, just fine I hope and enjoying the spring coming on, I heard there was quite a snow storm over home but I guess it will be all gone by now eh. It sure have been nice over here the last week outside of the rainy days, sure is lots of them too,

I came home from the hospital last Friday, they put me on light duty for two weeks so I guess I better start writing home. I got five or six letters last week, you all had the same news about the accident in Strathroy, sure is awful what happens by times but I guess it cant be helped by times eh. I got six papers from you, and I want to thank you and John for what you do for me and also the gum and blades sure comes in handy too. It was sure good to read about news from home, there was a lot of Forest news in them too, I know a lot of people around Forest and those places and its nice to read about it all.

The biggest surprise of all was when I opened Grandma’s letter from Glencoe, boy I don’t know much about old people in the line of writing, it was mostly about her own family so I suppose I could write about my family too eh Sis.

I got a lovely letter from Donna too, she is still working away as usual and waiting for the day when we can be back together again. It sure is an awful spot in our life now but the sun will shine someday and brighter than it ever shone before, I hope.

They put me on as hut orderly for a week or so, I can get my washing done up, I still have some sewing and darning to catch up on.

I got some Easter cards in Aldershot last week one for each of you, they weren’t much but I hope they carry my thoughts to you all for Easter.

Well Sis I been fixing up myself so I guess I’ll run down town to-night and get my picture taken, I send you all one so I hope it comes out good. Donna has hers taken and sent it to me along with a box of eats but as yet it hasn’t arrived but I suppose it will get here after the guys in the censor offices get what they want out of it. I shouldn’t say that but its been done lots of times, we get little enough without those [scribble] taking it.

All my friends left for the regiment this morning so I’m quite alone here now, just as you get a good friend, he goes on a course or hospital or something so I guess I’ll have to find another, I suppose you all think I have a girl friend over here but not for me, I came over to do a job but not to these snippy brats over here. I got a wife to think of back home and I know she wouldn’t like that either, so if you write to Donna you can let her know it too she might think Im stringing her a line.

Well Leona I’m getting pretty well run down so I guess I’ll close until I get something to write about. Well Sis you maybe don’t know what I mean by this but I wish you all the best of luck in the future if its not too late when you get this, so my thoughts and hopes are always with you Dear so chins up and be careful. eh.

Your Brother

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks a lot for the papers and everything.

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