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Date: March 25th 1942
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

Wed 25 1942

My Dear Sister and all:

Well Leona this should be an apology but really I haven’t much to say these days. Boy its really lovely over here now, nice warm sun, grass growing and all that. I recieved your letter to day that you wrote on 15 Feb and was really glad to hear that you are all fine as I am much livelier now. Thanks very much Dear for the gum and blades, I sure like to get your letters too, I don’t know Leona you were always good to me really you have and it sure is nice to hear from you.

I got a lovely parcel from Donna and one from Jean last week so I have really been living high lately. I got a letter from Jean today too, they are all fine too but pretty busy I guess, I only wish I could be home on a farm of my own with my own little wife gosh I just got to come home because thats my big ambition.

I haven’t been to see Jack yet but sent him a letter I hope I get payed this week so I can go up where he is. Say Leona you asked me how my money is, well it don’t seem any good at all but don’t you dare send me because you have to work for yours and if I need any Donna will send me some, so just a letter now and then will be plenty. I received some Sarnia papers too, thank you very much would like you to keep it up if its not asking too much.

Well Sis I am quite alone now here, most of my friends have gone to the regiment, I was supposed to go this week but got taken off the draft thank goodness, because if I went my pictures would be helded up about two weeks, I’m going down after them to-morrow night so will send one to you if there any good.

Little Kenny is seven now eh, gosh I cant remember their birthdays so I hope he isn’t mad about that.

Mother writes to me every Sunday so she keeps me pretty well supplied with the news around the Ark. I try to go around you all every week so when I get to the regiment I maybe won’t be able to but will do my best. I usually write Donna three or four times a week so this old pen has sure been handy, thanks to my Dear Mother.

Its sure is nice to watch the planes fly around every kind going almost, sure some dandies.

Well my Dear Sister I haven’t a heck of a lot to say to-night but I do want to send you my respects and all the best of luck if I’m not too late. I think thats about the most wonderful thing that happens in one’s life, so don’t forget Leona I’m sure looking for the day when we can all be together again. Well I must close and drop Jack a line so I’m waiting for the good news and hoping your dreams come true.

Lots of Love
to you all
Your Brother

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