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Date: June 15th 1942
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

June 15 42

Dear Leona and family.

Well Sis I suppose you think I’m not much of a brother by not writing but have been waiting for some news.

How is little Porky these days and every body in general Just fine I hope and enjoying good health. I am fine too no complaints except would like to get home to see you all again. I get pretty lonesome by times but thats no way for a soldier to act I guess. I suppose Porky is quite a bit extra to look after aye but I hope he behaves so I can come and see him some day.

I got a letter from mother and Jean today so this is my second tonight. Writing just seems to be a job now days but if I want mail I must write I guess and I sure want it. I got some more papers last week, quite a bit of news from the Ark but no news of when this damn war will end.

Jean was saying Mother isn’t so well now, she never tells me that she is sick but she works too darn hard for her own good and it doesn’t seem to bother the rest how hard she works either. Jean told me not to say too much in my mail because Dad and Mother just worry they’re heads off over me, they always did but I guess they have a reason to now, aye.

I suppose you see Elly lots now, I guess he likes the boats pretty good by what you say. How is John and the boys these days, still going strong I hope.

We have been really busy lately with the Home Guard here, we show them how to clear out machine-gun nests and houses and such. One night we went in town to a bombed section and went at a house, I had a machine-gun (Bren) and boy what a noise. We showed them how at camp on a stone outfit one day, boy the bullets were all around us I think, I was in the advance group, one fellow went to the hospital with one in his leg. Its fun but pretty dangerous. We might soon get a chance at the real thing soon but I’m not crazy over it yet.

A Jerry plane went over one night here, they shot at him but he was too high I guess. There sure is lots of ours around now too. They been going over pretty strong lately but not strong enough yet. I sure see a lot of crippled people over here. One little fellow about Wayne’s size with one leg off. It sure makes you boil.

Its pretty nice where we are, we can see out over the channel, just hoping I don’t have to go over it thats all.

My leave comes up on the 1st July, my chum and I are going to Edinburgh this time. We ride free now so might as well see all we can I guess aye.

I suppose you wonder what I do with my spare time, well I sure don’t get much of that, but I take in a show or something, but no girl to get in my hair either. I left one and the only one I ever care for so I can’t let her down like some of these married guys do over here. Talk about gold diggers there is plenty of them here too, if you know what I mean.

I have never found young Jack yet, I wrote him a letter last week, I guess he has a girl to keep him occupied now.

We are doing a weeks guard duty at the 3 div. H quarters now so its a good chance for me to get caught up on my home work. The guard room is in the cellar of a big old house, boy these old houses are sure spooky I’ll say but I don’t care if they want me they must be nuts.

I hear Gladys and Warden are on a farm but I guess its not up to much, they seem to be happy though thats the main thing aye. I don’t’ suppose you hear from Donna very often, she sure is busy now. After ten hours a day I guess she’s ready for bed I only hope she takes care of herself because as long as theres a dollar to get she sure gets it. She buys a lot of bonds I guess I told her she couldn’t win the war herself but I guess she wants me home pretty bad, but no worse than I want to get home.

I have a letter of Grandma’s to answer that I got a couple months ago if I ever get at it. I have Donna, Mrs. H, Mother, Jean, you, and an old one of Gladys to answer so you see by the time I go around you all once a week I am pretty busy, at least I try to go around you all. Donna gets two a week at least and I usually try to write to Mother on Sunday.

It never gets dark over here before eleven so the days are pretty long.

Well Dear Sister I guess I will close for to-night so I hope this finds you all happy and enjoying good health, so until you hear from me again good luck with Porky and chins up and try to be a good soldier for your folks at home.

Lots of Love to all
Your Brother
XXXXX [pointing to the last “X” is an arrow labeled “Porkie’s”]

write soon Dear

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